About Us

A group of dedicated fencing contractors and a founding strategic partner – wire manufacturer Wiremark – launched The Fencing Contractors Association of New Zealand Inc. (FCANZ) in February 2006. The fencing industry immediately embraced FCANZ with the purpose of encouraging and developing professionalism and the highest standards of fencing in New Zealand.

Today FCANZ continues to grow and gain respect from all involved with the industry, from the manufacturers who make the product to the staff who construct the fences and the people who receive the services of fencing contractors.

With your support as a member we are able to continue supporting the industry of fencing contractors in the following ways:

  • to lift the profile and standard of fencing and fencing contractors in New Zealand,
  • to grow the market for fencing contractors and those associated with all aspects of the fencing industry,
  • to promote the best interests of fencing contractors,
  • to foster and promote a high quality of workmanship,
  • to encourage and promote the knowledge of fencing personnel,
  • to hold regular meetings to facilitate the exchange of information within the regions,
  • to ensure FCANZ is the first reference to the fencing industry.

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