Conference Workshops

Leadership 101
Keynote Speaker: Sue Pickering 

This interactive session will focus on understanding and adapting different leadership styles to get the best out of yourself and your team. Sue uses the VARK guide to learning processes to help individuals understand themselves, their partners, their employees, and their customers. Delegates can expect to come away from this session with the skills to encourage, engage with, lead and motivate their teams.

Nailing Your Quotes to Optimise Your Profit
Speakers: Pete Gregory & Graeme Bratty

Are you busier than you’ve ever been, but not seeing the results in your bottom line? Are you working 16 hours a day, six days a week, just to keep the cogs turning? Does your revenue include enough of a buffer to ride out unexpected bills? Or does the very thought send you into a cold sweat?

Pete Gregory and Graeme Bratty, both business mentors from the Northland region, will join us to discuss how members should be costing their jobs to ensure they are covering their business costs, while still making a decent living and not working themselves into an early grave.

This interactive session will examine the appropriate consideration business owners need to apply to their jobs to cover the costs for machinery upkeep, maintenance and replacement; vehicle costs; capital costs; employee training; health & safety processes and other key business expenses, as well as delivering a profit.

Members will engage in practical exercises which highlight the importance of risk management when running a small/medium business.