Key Note & Guest Speakers

Nigel Latta – Key Note Speaker

Born and raised in Oamaru, Nigel first attended Otago University, where he completed an MSc in Marine Science. He then moved to Auckland where he trained as a Clinical Psychologist and graduated with a Master of philosophy with 1st class honours in Psychology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology. 

Nigel has worked for the last two decades in a number of agencies including Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation, Sex Offender Treatment Programmes, Family Therapy agencies, Child Youth and Family, Probation Services, and extensively in private practice. 

He continues to work as a clinical psychologist in private practice consulting with organizations and agencies from throughout the country and has lectured on a number of senior courses at the New Zealand Police College. 
He has written a novel and seven non-fiction books which are now published in nineteen countries and ten languages.  

He presented the critically acclaimed television series “Beyond the Darklands”, which was based on his work as a forensic psychologist. “Beyond the Darklands” ran for five seasons in New Zealand. It has screened in Australia, Sweden, Spain and recently in several Latin American countries. He presented the top rating “Politically Incorrect Guide to…” Series which has run for three seasons in New Zealand, and in 2012 presented the same series for Channel Nine in Australia. In addition to this Nigel has also presented documentaries on how to help children cope after the Christchurch earthquake, and how parents can help teenage drivers stay safe on the road. 

Other projects include a documentary series which screened on TVNZ in 2014 and investigated some of the important issues within our society including alcohol, education, sugar/obesity, poverty and inequality, child abuse, crime and punishment. In 2015, he did a six part popular science primetime series titled, “Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up”. 

In 2016, Nigel and two of his colleagues who were instrumental in the making of many of these documentary series, started a production company called Ruckus Media. Ruckus’ first production ‘Mind Over Money’ screened on TVNZ in February 2017. ‘Mind Over Money’ examined the decisions we make about money and ran for two seasons. Ruckus also produced a ground-breaking fivepart live and interactive TV series called ‘What Next’ which explored how New Zealand might respond to the many challenges of the next twenty years. Nigel co-hosted this series with one of New Zealand’s most respected and awardwinning journalists, John Campbell. More recently Nigel and the team at Ruckus produced ‘The Curious Mind’, a four part documentary series which explores the wonders of the human brain with the help of Baby X, the world’s most advanced virtual human infant. 

In 2012 Nigel was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) for services to Psychology as part of the Diamond Jubilee Queen’s Birthday Honours List. 

Melanie Weir – Langley Group 

 When Melanie is not supporting FCANZ she is working with the Langley Group.

The Langley Group offer dynamic, evidence-based training. We are all about people. We believe that boosting the wellbeing of people through utilising the latest positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience tools will create a culture where people and business grow!

Melanie is passionate about growing the capability, wellbeing and resilience of people and business through the evidence of Positive Psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. Melanie has a Bachelor in Business Studies majoring in Human Resource Management and Marketing, a Post Graduate Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and has completed further postgraduate education in organisational psychology and public relations. Completing business management programmes like the ICEHOUSE owner managers programme has contributed to that practical results-driven approach.

Melanie is accredited to facilitate a number of programmes focused on teamwork and capability, including Strengths Profile, Lean,  Think One Team, Human Instincts and CEB’s competency tools.

Facilitating and presenting with authentic and energising style, Melanie encourages results with open participation and a commitment from participants to self-driven, positive growth.

Barbara Kelly – Xalt 

Xalt’s founder Barbara Kelly, a qualified sports therapist with over 25 years of experience in this fieldhas developed a proven 10 stage sports performance programme. The methods involved help elite athletes prepare effectively for events in a way that ensures they not only avoid injury, they also achieve better results consistently.  With this knowledge, they can continue with their chosen sport well into their later years. She believes anybody can use these methods to become “workFIT”, improve their physical capability and receive the benefits that go with an active and healthy lifestyle. Taking this knowledge and applying in practical advice for Fencers makes Barbara a popular facilitator with our members! 

Tony Laker 

Tony Laker was born & raised in Bluff, the son of a fisherman. He describes his schooling as simply eating his lunch until he was old enough for someone to decide if he was bright enough to steer the boat or just work the deck. 

Twenty years ago, Tony and wife Tracey decided to open their own Travel Agency – House of Travel Lakers Invercargill. Every travel industry expert (not to mention the Bank Manager) warned it was a terrible idea and proceeded to list a host of very good reasons why. 

Against all the odds, House of Travel Lakers has become one of the largest Travel Companies in New Zealand with a staff of twenty and an annual turnover in excess of $24 million. Compare that to the average sized New Zealand Travel Agency of 4 staff and $5 million turnover. 

At the inaugural New Zealand Travel Industry Awards, House of Travel Lakers Invercargill was awarded the ‘New Zealand Travel Agency of the Year’, selected from over 400 travel offices from all travel brands nationwide. 

And for the last two years running, at the annual House of Travel Awards Night attended by 800 staff from 72 offices nationwide, House of Travel Lakers Invercargill has won ‘The Best Large House of Travel Office in New Zealand’. 

Join Tony for his talk he has entitled “How the Hell did that Happen” which he describes as a no-nonsense, common-sense, good fun, 45-minute roller-coaster ride of adventure, controversy, intrigue, some good ideas, and if time permits – a little bit of travel. 

Find out the secrets to the House of Travel Lakers success, and how anyone can apply these very same simplistic principals to their business and life.