Certified Fencing Contractors

What is a “Certified Fencing Contractor”?

FCNZ has developed the “Certified Fencing Contractor” qualification to bring the fencing business up to a standard that covers both the construction of the fence, as well as the running of the business. FCNZ Certified Fencing Contractors have proven knowledge in design and material selection, they have gained qualifications to back their certification. As fencing is regionalised due to terrain and conditions accredited members have been assessed on best practice and quality within their environment.

Certified Fencing Contractors have the following documentation to back them:

  • Level 3 NZQA national certificate in fencing
  • First Aid certificate
  • A working health and safety manual
  • Employment contract
  • A signed declaration saying that they have a high regard for health and safety and employment issues
  • Evidence of three years in business
  • Public liability insurance
  • Three client testimonials

When using an FCNZ Certified Fencing Contractor there can be confidence that best practice will be followed.

Become a certified fencing contractor

To become a certified fencing contractor with the FCNZ contact:

FCNZ Admin

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