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Conclusion of Strategic Partnership with Wiremark

Fencing Contractors Association New Zealand (‘Fencing Contractors NZ’) and Pacific Steel NZ Ltd (‘Pacific Steel’ trading as ‘Wiremark’) announce that Wiremark® has concluded its Strategic Founding Partnership with Fencing Contractors NZ.

Ongoing discussions regarding the strategic direction of Fencing Contractors NZ and the evolving relationship between the two organisations has led both parties to agree that the Strategic partnership has served its initial purpose.

The driving force behind the creation of Fencing Contractors NZ, Pacific Steel is expected to continue its long-standing relationship with the Association through a corporate partnership, the details of which will be announced at a later date.

The move to a corporate partnership offers mutual benefits to both parties, with Wiremark® able to focus on the commercial opportunities available through direct engagement with Members instead of being part of the board. Fencing Contractors NZ will continue raising the profile of the Association and its Members through increased engagement with the wider fencing community.

“Pacific Steel were instrumental in the creation of the Fencing Contractors Association and we are grateful for their development and ongoing support of the Association over the last 15 years” said Brad Joines, President of Fencing Contractors NZ.

“We look forward to developing our existing relationship with them to provide more benefits for our Members and the Wiremark® brand. The Board of Fencing Contractors NZ are excited about the future of the Association and look forward to sharing our plans with members and partners in due course” said Joines.

Stan Clark, Manager Sales and Marketing Pacific Steel said “Wiremark® are honoured to have been an active part of FCANZ since its inception. Fencing Contractors NZ has been at the forefront of leading the fencing community into a safer, quality focussed and trade recognised industry throughout New Zealand. Certainly, the Kiwi term “number 8 wire attitude” can apply to this community which Pacific Steel is proud to be part of and with our locally made Wiremark® looks forward to being involved with in a modified capacity.”

For further information, please contact Fencing Contractors NZ on 027 432 2033 or by email: .

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A fresh strong brand…

Melanie Weir interviewed members of the Board to give you the answers on the brand refresh. Read on to understand why?

So Brad why are we changing the brand?

I think this comes down to three main reasons,  we needed to strengthen and modernise the brand, we need to clarify the logo, so that it easily communicates what the Association does, much like Master Builders or Certified Builders brands. And we need to move the brand from rural centric design, to represent all sectors of the fencing trade.

And who’s idea was it to make these changes?

The 2018 Board unanimously decided that alongside the refreshed strategic direction and growth of the Association, it was time to review the messaging, value and strength of the brand.

Was a change needed?

If we want to keep expanding our reach to parts of the fencing trade other than rural, we will need to ensure our brand encompasses all areas for the trade.

And Andy who was consulted about these changes?

The Board became the panel of members, a focus group, who connected on logic, design and value of the brand and we tested designs with expert support. We have had previous feedback from the general public experiencing the brand which included points like a lack of clarity, ‘who is FCANZ’ ‘what do you do’ ‘is it New Zealand something?’, what does ‘FCANZ’ stand for?

And what’s the cost?

There will be a cost for members to add the new logo to their advertising over time, though we hope this will not be too significant. Fencing Contractors New Zealand will support members with some merchandise including signage for their vehicle.

Bronze Partner, Kerry Godinet Marketing will support members with rebranding and merchandise.

And Darryn, who pays for the rebrand?

The Association, with support from our Partners pay for the Association branding. Members will need to pay for the rebrand of items they feel appropriate for their business.

How will this benefit Fencing Contractors New Zealand

We know that increased brand recognition will support increased recognition of Fencing Contractors  as a proactive group in the fencing trade. And as a group we, Partners and Members, collectively support the trade

When you see strong brands, like New Zealand Certified Builders, you can understand how a brand can benefit  members with stronger professional recognition and increase the value clients place in their expertise.

Also as growth in membership continues, Partners are attracted to collaborate, engage and bring benefits to members – everyone wins!

And John how will this benefit a fencing business?

General and certified members (certified is the new name for accredited) will experience increased recognition by aligning with a strong national association brand.

A connection to Fencing Contractors New Zealand publicly recognised brand, which represents professionalism and expertise in fencing, will benefit your business, as consumers choose you over others due to this affiliation.

Member benefits are increasing and will continue to do so as the Association grows and more Partners come onboard.

Greg why have you dropped Association from the brand name?

We are still legally named Fencing Contractors Association New Zealand, and much like other large associations, our trading name is simplified. Most people recognised us as a group and therefore it is already implied we are a national association, and by removing this word we simplify the logo.

Greg, didn’t it get changed not that long ago? How long will this Logo last this time?

Yes the logo was updated in 2014. The current Board anticipate this logo will be well received, and maintained for many years to come by future Boards.

Stephen, why orange and not blue in the Certified Fencer logo? Is the orange going to get lost in when wearing hi vis?

Orange was chosen as a stronger colour, to stand out and highlight Certified Fencers logo visually.

There is a full style guide which outlines how to use the new logo, font and colour schemes within the brand. Included is an easy option for use on hi vis gear. We have retained the blue colour, this is included in the brand guidelines.

So Laura where did FCANZ go?

We learnt that FCANZ, was not meaningful for clients or people who were not involved with the Association now, it created an acronym that does not clearly describe what we do.

We are still legally trading as the Fencing Contractors Association New Zealand, and have refined the brand to a stronger clear logo.

Fencing Contractors New Zealand used in the logo still implies a professional industry group.

What if we have just got new clothing? Can we still wear them with the old logo? Will there be any compensation for the new logo set up at the embroiderers?

We have organised a 10% discount for members if they use Bronze Partner Kerry Godinet Marketing for ordering new gear, this is also available via the online store at

Brad, what’s the difference between Accredited and Certified?

We have a new process for Certified Fencer status, this will be launched shortly at the 2019 Conference and AGM.

The new name for these top performing members takes advantage of the common knowledge clients and potential clients have relating to other trade recognised businesses like Certified Plumbers, or Certified Builders.

This term allows our members the advantage of immediate recognition and a stamp of high quality which provides an advantage over other practitioners.

The Association will shortly begin a campaign to promote Certified Fencer status both internally with members, and externally in industry, local government and appropriate large business who need to procure expert trade services.

If you have more questions about the new brand connect with the Board team.

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From the top of the south

Hi all, the year seems to be racing along flat out and plenty of rain to boot. Ground conditions are very unstable in a
lot of places, so you need to take extra care of where you are working and stay safe.

The Mycoplasma Bovis in stock is another thing to be aware of, a lot more double fencing around boundaries is taking place. I’m picking that when lifestyle blocks get tested it will open up another can of worms. I’ve stopped people using my yards because I have a closed herd and don’t need extra things to deal with. Contractors working on farms where there are problems, need to be extra careful going from farm to farm, but most of those farms have protocols in place of what you have to do. It will be interesting to see the end result and the costs that go with it, financially and mentally. There is help out there so make sure you point people in the right direction. Help Line phone or text is 1737.

We have just had an awesome FCANZ Conference and AGM in Tauranga with some outstanding speakers/presenters. I must say a big thank you to all our partners and sponsors for the conference because without all of you on board we wouldn’t be where we are today and having conferences with the calibre of speakers we had at this year’s conference.

The cruise around the Tauranga port was awesome on Thursday night. Seeing container and log ships being loaded while having refreshments with an amazing plate of food to nibble on. A great way to mingle with our members and partners.

Health and Safety, we all need to embrace it. Set your mind to safety, record everything, have toolbox meetings with your staff, if things change during the day, record it, including near misses. Eliminate areas of concern. There is risk in fencing and dynamic risk where things can go totally wrong that you don’t have any control over. Debbie Robertson from Rural Safe makes it as easy as it can be. By explaining things clearly and sets procedures in place to make it easy for everyone to follow. If you need help give Debbie and her team a call at Rural Safe, they are there to help you and your staff get home safe every day. Thanks for your input at the conference. Learning and sharing.
Stephen Caunter, an ANZ Business Training Manager, talked about sustaining financial health and making a profit, how to run your business more successfully and he was pleased to hear back about debt recovery that he talked about at last years conference. Stephen is an outstanding and very professional speaker in all situations. A very big thank you from FCANZ for your contribution at the conference and look forward to your continued support.

Dr Tom Mulholland, what can I say, totally relaxed and laid back professional. Emergency Department Doctor and GP with 25 years experience in New Zealand. He has worked from Kaitaia in the north to Southland and subantarctic islands. He travels in his retro Chevy Ambulance converted into a mobile medical unit. Tom’s passion is to see wellness, managing stress, managing your lifestyle and safety at work. Dr Tom has bought a talented diverse team of people together to develop the ‘Know Your Numbers Digital’ (KYND) app, to measure and improve life wellness. To have FCANZ members totally focused for one and a half hours in the afternoon takes some doing and that is what Dr Tom did. Think we will see more of him. And by the way, it wasn’t a set up when one of our members was a bit faint, it was real and handled in a very professional way.

Saturday we went on a bus tour to the Western BOP looking at a kiwifruit orchard and covered in structures. For some of us, this was challenging and very different from every day fencing, having the right gear to do the job safely at a height. Managing bees for pollination was also very interesting. They are an amazing insect and without them, we are buggered. Back on the fence line, we held a bit of a competition, The Gallagher Fastest Fencer. With 4 members in each team, they had to stay a strainer, a breast block, footings, new Gallagher end insulators and posts.
The competition got fired up or was it the great coffee on site? We went over all the fence lines at the end of
it and discussed all the different techniques and tested different footing strategies. This process created plenty of discussion and learning and sharing experiences in different soil structures.
Waratah demonstrated fencing structures and installing netting fit for purpose in different situations.
Greg Burton, Board Member, demonstrated rail installation, neat as a pin with bugle screws and bolts sunk into the timber, a true artist. Tony White showed how he rounded the ends off the timber in another installation technique.
Stihl had their latest gear to try out with the latest battery power at the forefront, especially when it comes to rail work. The chainsaws are outstanding with plenty of grunt. Stockades 400 Staple Gun got put through its paces and from what I heard there were a few orders taken. Farmlands did an excellent job of cooking a BBQ lunch and kept everyone well feed. Health and Safety was set to a high standard and everyone signed into the work site, thanks to Debbie Robertson and the FCANZ team. The day overall was a great success with plenty of discussion and new things being learnt. A big thanks to our sponsors and partners for getting behind the day. Also to Waratah and Stockade for supplying all the coffees, we really appreciated it. Thanks to Darryn for organising the venues and setup.
A welcome Happy Hour followed with The Farmlands Gala Dinner and Guest Speaker, Mr Doug Avery Resilient Farmer, speaking about his life from droughts and dark places to where he is today, public speaking, entertaining and enjoying life. Doug spoke about resilience, and looking on the bright side, it was an outstanding presentation.
Sunday morning started with a presentation from Barbara Kelly from Xalt. I must say, what an outstanding lady with 25 years of experience in the following – a sports therapist, sports event management, reactive muscle kinesiology and kinergetics (big words I know had to look some of them up on google). She has helped people who have been told they need surgery or need to have their backs fused. Barbara has helped them to change their health and wellbeing around a great life managed, exercised, manipulated and understanding their body and how it works. Elite sports people making it happen, what we do every day, competition fencing etc. I am looking forward to being restructured.
Thanks for your great presentation Barbara, you certainly hit a cord with the FCANZ community. Melanie Weir ran a workshop on employment and introduced a new service to members to support best practice employment. Debbie Robertson also ran workshops on Sunday relating to Site Specific Safety Plans, both excellent and very well received.
We also held feedback forums, on building industrial and security fencing sector, training and growth in the industry. Any member feedback is welcome and can be submitted via the feedback section on our website. We do need feedback from all of you.

Thanks to Debbie Furness and Melanie Weir for the huge amount of work put in to pull the conference together,
it certainly made my job a lot easier. This year saw the highest number of delegates attending at a North Island Conference event.
From myself and the rest of the Board, we would like to say another big thank you to Mike Billinghurst, retiring President. All the best in your new venture with Stockade.
Thanks once again to all our partners and sponsors for your ongoing great support it is much appreciated.

We have South Island Association Days coming up
in October:
Motueka Tuesday 23rd
Ashburton Wednesday 24th
Alexandra Friday 26th.
Shane Bouskill is coming down to do the road trip with me, so keep these dates free. I’m sure you will get a
lot out of these days, sharing ideas and networking. More information to follow soon.
Stay safe out there, look after your team and mates.
Step back from the coal face, have some time out, its good for health and wellbeing.
Cheers, Noksee.
John Noakes


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The launchpad investment in training

FCANZ Board are proud to announce that, with the support of its Partners, a substantial investment in the first training course has been announced. To launch the course in Hamilton student study fees will be paid for by the Association.

This one off investment reflects how FCANZ is truly passionate about encouraging growth in the fencing industry through knowledge and training.
“We see this as an important step to supporting the first work based training course in Hamilton, in 2018. In the future FCANZ are keen to provide scholarships that support students entering the trade, and we also see this as a part of a longer term strategy to increase qualified labour supply for the fencing profession,” explained Mike Billinghurst, President FCANZ.
FCANZ would like to acknowledge the support from our Founding Strategic Partner WIREMARK, and Gold Partner Gallagher for helping us make this one off investment happen.

Enrol now at, a maximum of 15 student placements are available for this course. Terms and conditions apply, and to be eligible students must be a current general or employee member of FCANZ.

Call the FCANZ team on 0508 432269, or email info@fencingcontractors for information and conditions.

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NZFC South Island Doubles Fencing Competition at the Southern Field Days.

Written by Debbie White

There were a few wild cards in the NZFC South Island Doubles fencing competition at the Southern Field Days. With the 10 available lines quickly filled, the fence line after a few alterations in wire gauge, post set out and an added railed corner, made for an interesting competition line to both erect and judge.

The Goldpine roundwood was pre driven due to the ground conditions being essentially a bed of mining tailings. We were musing before the competition as to whether we might get away with post hole borers in the future as the strainers and Superposts® drove in well with a Revolution Telescopic 180 with a 300 kg hammer. But evidence from what came out of the ground via the two hand dug holes for the Rhino® half rounds, was further reinforced when part time North/South Islander Jared Nicholson broke his shear pin when his speed borer got stuck. Meantime the full time South Islanders seemed to know something and were picking away with shovels, spades and crow bars.

The Waratah Ezypipe® strainers were pre driven and competitors had to erect the Ajusta -stay® and drive in the Jiostar® posts, being judged on level and height. With short work being made of these, there was 5 x line wires of WIREMARK 2.5 mm, plus a Strainrite outrigger on the wire side and a w-claw electric wire on the other side of the fence. A separate Strainrite irrigator crossing with 7 metre bungy gate, and a Strainrite award winning Activator Strap around the face of a Superpost®. About half the field chose to use a Stockade STI 400, some never having used one before with good scoring and a slight time advantage given the limited number of Superposts®

Competitors came from as far away as Ashburton, with a strong offering of Southland fencing contractors. There were a number of new competitors which was great to have, with Craig Sinclair & Grant Sinclair, from Sinclair Fencing Balcutha, Blair Sutherland & Aaron Sutherland from Southland Fencing Invercargill, Haydon Fuller, Fuller Fencing Waimumu, Chris Pudney from Fairlie. Phil Coutts has been fencing for Ben Haugh Fencing for 6 months. Ex Young Farmers Alan Harvey & Jono Satterthwaite from Oamaru and Lyndon Wallace from Wyndham had all the making of full time fencers, with Lyndon teaming up with Hayden Fuller for 2nd place.

With 3 South Island competitions behind them, some of the well placed fencers in the past such as Nick Terry, James Oliver, Tony Brady, Haydon Condon, Aaron Prouting had some rookie mistakes which cost them and kept them from the top of the placings.

Nick Stanger Stanger Fencing Oamarau and Lindsay Hayman Hayman Fencing Ashburton took out 1st place which earns them the Prize of an all expenses paid trip to the Fieldays in June to compete in the heats on the Monday. This is made possible due to the sponsor’s generosity in investing and sponsoring these South Island fencing competitions. NZFC would like to thank WIREMARK, Goldpine, Waratah, Strainrite, Stockade and Revolution Postdrivers.

Anyone who organises an event or a competition understands the considerable work involved. This year it was made much easier due to Simon Fuller of Fuller Fencing who put several days of his time into organising the set up and pull down. Nick Liefting flew down for chief judge, plus set up/pull down. Tony White set up/pulled down and judged. Trevor Bell, Warren from Stockade, Donald from Strainrite, Dave from Waratah who helped set up the judges demo fence and judged. Southern Field Days committee member Steve Henderson who liaised on the committee’s behalf was exceptionally helpful. The team effort, working together, quality product, along with the great attitude of the competitors made for a very good competition which resulted in the professional profiling of the fencing industry.


1st Nick Stanger

Lindsay Hayman

Stanger Fencing

Hayman Fencing



2nd Hayden Fuller

Lyndon Wallace

Fuller Fencing




3rd Blair Sutherland

Aaron Sutherland

Southern Fencing

Southern Fencing

4th Trent Anderson

Michael Conijn

Custom Fencing

Custom Fencing

5th Craig Sinclair

Grant Sinclair

Sinclair Fencing

Sinclair Fencing

6th Chris Pudney

Jared Nicholson

Pudney Fencing

Jared Nicholson Fencing


North & South Islands

7th Nick Terry

James Oliver

Custom Fencing

Oliver Fencing



8th Tony Brady

Hayden Condon

Tony Brady Fencing

Tony Brady Fencing

Pleasant Point


9th Alan Harvey

Jono Satterthwaite

10th Aaron Prouting

Phil Coutts

Ben Haugh Fencing

Ben Haugh Fencing


For more info on fencing competitions head to NZFC website

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A Rakiura Fencing Project

So a fairly new “all the gear and no idea”, broken down old fencer, too old for steep farm stuff – that’s young fella work right?, got offered a plum job, a deer exclusion fence on Stewart Island. There are plenty of Whitetail on Stewart Island, as you know!
The Rakiura Maori Land Trust administer a wide portfolio of SILNA lands on Rakiura, and one property at the Old Neck offered the opportunity to exclude deer with a short fence from cliff to cliff across a peninsular – simple really!
The Trust’s consultant, Roger Lough arranged for us to inspect the site together in late July, and the challenges of the job started to become apparent, very exposed beaches with tricky approaches, no machinery access possible, thick “muttonbird” scrub and some restrictions on what could be cut e.g. Southern Rata or moved no cutting into dunes. Some positives included that it looked like a good line of 250 meters might be possible with no gullies or guts, and following a very smooth contour. In addition, the Trust agreed that the use of Waratah galvanised Jio Maxy posts and strainer/strut systems – on the first look very expensive product, but for this or other jobs where access for conventional machinery is not practical – very cost effective.
It was obvious that logistics for men, materials, and weather were going to be the key considerations. I generally quote all my work, my wife says that’s why I don’t make any money, but there were just too many variables for this job to have a fixed cost.
So I split my pricing into elements where I could control costs, things like accommodation and the actual fence construction, and the variable costs like transport, the clearing of the line, etc.
I was assisted by Brendon Crequer of Waratah and Ryan D’Ath of Farmlands to get the gear – and worked with Paula Blair, Farmlands Invercargill who did a great job.
At the 2017 FCANZ conference in Christchurch I resolved to approach someone up to help “on the line” with the fencing and after an intense selection process, I have a lot more sympathy for Steve Hansen now, I lined up Noaksee – and like the good bugger he is, he accepted right off. Noaksee had a trip south scheduled so it made sense to tie the project in with it, but working to a fixed timetable with Stewart Island weather was always going to be tough.
The Trust wanted to use 150 dropper deer netting, which weights 120kgs per coil and as it had to be carried up a beach, then up quite a steep track for 150 metres or so I broke the coils down into 33M lengths (40 kgs) and re-rolled them. The day I had to load them on the trailer it blew like hell and until I parked up into the wind it actually blew the load off twice – I lost a lot of sweat and made up new cuss words. The Jio Maxy’s are not light either so they were bundled into 3’s.
Just over two tonnes of materials and gear were loaded onto the Foveaux Freighter for delivery to the Halfmoon Bay wharf.
From there they were collected by Jim Barnett who operates a barge on the island. Jim had just finished pulling up his oyster farm due to
the Bonamia outbreak – a devastating blow. However, he rounded up a crew, and after two attempts due to the weather and the difficult beach at Sand-spit, got all the gear above the tideline. A major milestone.
I’d allowed two days to cut the line and two to construct the fence. Noaksee turned up as promised on a Saturday and we went through all our tools to ensure everything we needed was packed . . . a few wheels fell off, the motorised driver wouldn’t fit the Maxy’s. I had previously built a special driver to fit the 2.7 metre high Maxy’s so we had that covered but the fear of missing a vital tool or component was very real. It’s a long swim to get it! The second wheel to go was the weather, it completely turned and the Sunday ferry we were supposed to be on was canceled.

Foster Price, Price Fencing