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Development of adaptor for Staple guns

Wellington Company develops an adaptor for Staple Guns when installing electric fence Insulators on a fence line.

From a conversation with a frustrated fencing contractor an idea was born.  The Development Team at Strainrite combined their design skills with their CNC Machine Centre and produced an adaptor that simply attaches without any alterations to a Stockade Staple Gun.  The adaptor lines up the gun with the insulator and gets a ‘hole in one’ every time.

This idea is a follow up to their Activator Strap – an International award-winning innovation which won the 2017 Innovation Award at the Mystery Creek Fieldays.

The ‘Holeshot’ has been a great success and feedback from contractors suggest that it makes installation of insulators up to five times faster, but moreover, avoids the tedium of installing insulators by hand.

A short video of the Hole Shot can be seen on the website Search: Holeshot or on the Strainrite YouTube Channel: