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FCANZ & Waratah – ready for a grand Australian tour!

Over the last few years the popularity of Waratah® has grown rapidly & FCANZ fencing contractors are realising that there IS a place for steel fencing products on traditionally timber focused New Zealand farms.

Farmers & contractors have realised that the old BHP black post has not been available in New Zealand for the last 15 years & the Chinese black painted post that replaced it, is a distant second in terms of steel strength & coating quality.

Waratah appreciate the support from FCANZ members for the REAL Waratah Jio steel post range and are taking another group of members to Australia to see where Waratah products have been made for over 130 years – and have some fun along the way.

This year has seen the largest numbers of entries from New Zealand contractors who have used Waratah fencing products in their day to day jobs. The photos received throughout September and October 2017 were encouraging.

FCANZ members were asked to install a fence that included Waratah Jio posts, Longlife Blue netting or accessories like strainers & stays. They then took a photo of the fence and sent it through to Brendon Crequer who judged the entries.

The all-expenses paid trip to Waratah Australia gives the winners access to 3 different steel mills & the technical teams that run them, time with an Australian fencing contractor & reseller, plus tickets to the final day of the V8 supercars event in Newcastle!

Waratah Regional Sales Manager, Brendon Crequer says; “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience steel manufacturing on a grand scale & it is not available to the general public – members will see things that would never normally have access to.”

If you are not part of this year’s trip, start using Waratah products now, take some photos of your work & you could be on the next one!

If a trip to OZ doesn’t interest you, then maybe using the best quality steel fencing products will. Think about the products you use – your reputation as a contractor depends on it. There’s no point buying good quality wire & hanging it on a cheap imported Chinese Y post that will quickly corrode & then transfer to the wire, leading to ultimate fence failure!

The New Zealand market is flooded with black painted “Chinese produced Y-posts”. In fact, every “black” Y-post sold in NZ is produced in that part of the world. But it doesn’t stop there, “Chinese silver Y-posts” have also entered NZ market. Do they know the black painted posts are not performing or are they just trying to catch-up with a real Waratah? It makes you think doesn’t it!

Remember a couple of facts when looking for products to use or recommend:

If a reseller is telling you their steel posts are produced in Australia, check that it is embossed with ‘WARATAH’. Waratah are the only manufacturer in this part of the world of steel fence Y posts.

Of the NZ importers of silver Y-posts who actually state the coating weight, none of them can guarantee the minimum 600g per m2 that a Waratah Jio post has.

Black “Y-posts” are not coated in the same tar based coating that BHP posts were coated in? It was outlawed in the 90’s – what they use now is a thin black paint for protection.

Waratah has over 130 years of experience with farmers & contractors and like you, we pride ourselves on doing the best job possible. Congratulations to those lucky FCANZ members heading to Australia – we look forward to hearing all about your adventures!