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STOCKade Staplers – history in the making

STOCKade Staplers – history in the making

Ten years ago, Stockade was then known as Paslode Rural. This was a little confusing when tools were exported overseas, so Paslode Rural was re-branded to Stockade around seven years ago.

The 315 pneumatic stapler was developed ten years ago and the tool has remained relatively unchanged in that time, the main change has been in the staples. The first staple we had was the 33mm X 3.15 and after 18 months the 40mm staple was introduced to the market.

Next on the production line was the introduction of the ST315i, the impulse fence batten stapler. This tool removed the need for dragging the hose along the fence line. It also made batten stapling on the steep hill country fence lines easier.

Probably the most significant change to the staple is the coating. Originally the staples were galvanised, but with the development of coatings, we moved to the zinc-alum coating. A 10% aluminium, 90% zinc mix gives up to six times the life of standard galvanising; this gives the Stock-ade staple a better lifespan than opposition galvanised staples.

The next change for us was the introduction of the ST400 pneumatic stapler and the 50mm X 4.0 staple. This tool was slow to take off; it was only when individual fencing contractors trialled them, that they became aware of the benefits. Three to four times quicker is the most obvious advantage.

The newest tool is the ST400i impulse stapler. Portable and robust enough to survive a 300-metre drop from a ridge line down in to the gully, this tool will make the job so much faster. This tool was also a little slow to take off, but in the last 12 months, sales of the ST400i and staples have had a dramatic increase. Many of the top fencing contractors that compete in the various fencing competition’s now have this tool.

Both of the Impulse tools, the ST315i and the ST400i are using the ITW (Paslode) technology in their development. This helps keep them to the forefront of design and leadership.

Contractors have stated that time savings of up to 2 hours per strain are achievable in the right conditions. One contractor is quoted as saying that the ST400i staple gun is simply the best hand tool that he has ever purchased for his fencing business.

If you would like a demonstration of these tools at your place of work, contact your local Stockade Representative,